IT Consultancy

We are Voraltex

We remain true to the same principles on which our company was founded over a hundred years ago: providing superior service to our clients, putting safety first, creating opportunities for our people!

Planning & Budgeting

Knowing the best way to invest in IT to help grow your business can be a real challenge.

Our expert IT consultants take the time to hear your concerns and learn about your business, and come up with a comprehensive IT plan including budgeting and resource allocation.

Network Monitoring

Monitor every aspect of the network; PINGs, traffic, bandwidth, firewalls, routers and switches to make sure they have the right network infrastructure in place.

  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Hardware Monitoring
  • IP Monitoring
  • Update and Patch Monitoring
  • Database Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • WiFi Monitoring

Service Brochure

We provide strategic guidance via our IT consultancy services to ensure your organization adheres to any necessary technology compliance requirements.

Network Design & Build

Do you have a project too large or complex for your in-house IT team? We’re accustomed to meshing seamlessly with our client’s internal teams to provide the reinforcement they need!

From business network design to data cabling, server set up, firewall installatation, router configuration, and more, we can provide end-to-end networking implementation, integration, and ongoing management.

We’ll work with the leading vendors to give you the best performance/value, and manage your project from start to finish.

We connect expertise across services, markets, and geographies to deliver transformative outcomes. Worldwide, we design, build, finance, operate and manage projects and programs that unlock opportunities.

Embedded in our culture of hard work, honesty, and getting the well done job, our history tells not only much about our past but also it does our present.е Our record of succeeding, surviving, and striving to be the best is central to our reputation today.

Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%

Proactive IT Support Services

Effective proactive IT support will help ensure that you have as little downtime as possible, with issues identified at an early stage and areas of concern dealt with before they become business affecting.

That would include carrying out activities such as looking at your event logs for your servers and backup systems, ensuring that your antivirus is kept current and that your security protocols are up to date at all times.

In addition, you enjoy the consistency that comes about by having a familiar face who understands both your technology and your business, with trust built up over time through regular visits. Our proactive IT support engineer will be there to help you manage your IT assets and also offer you expert advice and guidance on your IT strategy going forward.

Remote IT Support

By securely accessing your systems remotely, our team of friendly engineers will be able to investigate your issues as if they were sitting at your desk and in over 90% of cases will be able to find and implement a fix immediately.

Remote IT Support is perfect for activities such as:

  • Installing or upgrading software.
  • Configuring network changes.
  • Administering user accounts.
  • Removing viruses
  • etc.

Onsite IT Support

Onsite support tasks vary. Our engineers could visit you to:

  • Install new computers,
  • Configure network equipment such as routers, firewalls and network switches,
  • Maintain your existing IT systems by carrying out proactive and preventive tasks,
  • Update all relevant hardware and software,

These activities can be done:

  • On a regular schedule of planned proactive visits,
  • On an ad-hoc basis when you feel that you need an IT support resource,
  • To provide cover at particularly busy periods, such as year-end,
  • In an emergency visit, when things go wrong and you need immediate help.

24x7 Help Desk IT Support

One of the key cornerstones of the Wanstor service offering is our managed 24×7 IT help desk, allowing your users to contact us at any time of the day from any location whenever they experience an IT issue.

Our experienced and growing team are all specifically trained to help support you, using accepted industry processes to provide you with the service and technical excellence that you need, when you need it.

We offer a full range of transparent support options managed by your own account manager, including telephone support, remote support and hardware support, with full service desk performance reports provided as standard.

When it comes to providing effective IT support, Wanstor recognise the value of long term relationships for all parties, where we get to know your setup intimately and can provide you with the best support possible, while you benefit from excellent service and fantastic value for money.

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